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A pubicly traded payments company incorporates micro-surveying into its feature development lifecycle to ensure each launch hits the mark.

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An online coding education platform drives growth and conversion with targeted micro-surveys.

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An award-winning Instagram scheduling product increases monthly recurring revenue within weeks of rolling out in-product surveys.

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A financial services company uses in-product micro-surveys to learn from anonymous visitors and increase homepage conversion by 47%.

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A fast growing mobile app builder finds product-market fit with in-product surveys.

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A popular esports company rethinks its product strategy and pivots into a better future.

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Customer stories

I didn't think it would be possible but UserLeap proved otherwise - our team was able to go from demo to collecting data in the same day. Now we have the ability to execute new, in-product surveys anytime.

Albert Ching

Former Head of Product

Initially, I was skeptical that UserLeap could provide the level of insights we needed. These concerns disappeared once we launched our first survey.

Brenda Liu

Lead UX/UI Designer