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UserLeap provides a complete solution to rapidly and continuously collect actionable insights. Gain clarity into customer needs and deliver great product experiences every single day.

Reach users in-context on any platform

Collect insights on any platform with easy-to-install SDKs for web, native iOS and native Android. Email and shareable link microsurveys are included too.

Pinpoint targeting Pinpoint targeting

Target the right users at the most relevant moments

An industry leading event system to triggers microsurveys based on any action (or inaction). Also pass user properties to UserLeap to deliver targeted microsurveys to users in specific groups, such as a certain plan level.

AI-based analysis uncovers qualitative insights in real-time

Proprietary artificial intelligence groups open-text microsurvey responses into themes unique to the microsurvey. Expert researchers then review and approve every response to make sure the analysis is perfect.

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// Initialize UserLeap
(function(l,e,a,p) {
window.UserLeap = function(){U._queue.push(arguments)}
var U = window.UserLeap;U.envId = a;U._queue = [];
p.parentNode.insertBefore(a, p);
})(document, 'https://cdn.userleap.com/shim.js', 'YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_ID');

// Ready to use
UserLeap('setUserId', 'USER_ID');

// Set Attribute
UserLeap('setAttribute', 'plan', 'enterprise');
// Trigger survey with an event
UserLeap('track', '[TEST] My first event');
import UserLeap

// Initialize SDK
UserLeap.shared.configure(withEnvironment: "ENVIRONMENT_ID")
// SDK is now ready to use
// Set Attribute
UserLeap.shared.setVisitorAttribute(key: "plan", value: "enterprise")
// Trigger survey with an event
UserLeap.shared.trackEvent(eventName: "[TEST] My first event") { state in
  switch state {
    case .ready:
      //You have control on whether you wish to show the triggered survey
      //Simply call the method below with the viewController you wish it to be presented on
      UserLeap.shared.presentSurvey(from: viewController)
    case .noSurvey, .disabled:
package com.userleap.app

// Initialize SDK
UserLeap.configure(context, "YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_ID")
// SDK is now ready to use
// Set Attribute
UserLeap.setVisitorAttribute("plan", "enterprise")
// Trigger a survey with an event
UserLeap.track("[TEST] My first event") { surveyState ->
  when (surveyState) {
    SurveyState.READY -> {
      //You have control on whether you wish to show the triggered survey
      //Simply call the method below with the activity you wish it to be presented on
    SurveyState.NO_SURVEY -> {
      // No survey available based on event
    SurveyState.DISABLED -> {
      // UserLeap has been disabled remotely
# sample request
curl https://api.userleap.com/v1/users/1234567890 \
-H "Authorization: API-Key 8abaf7cb-fake-fake-fake-c608317728bd"

# create user
curl https://api.userleap.com/v1/users \
-H "Authorization: API-Key 8abaf7cb-fake-fake-fake-c608317728bd" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d "{\"emailAddress\": \"user@email.com\", \"id\": \"very_fake_id_123\"}"

# create event
curl https://api.userleap.com/v1/users/1234567890/events \
-H "Authorization: API-Key 8abaf7cb-fake-fake-fake-c608317728bd" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d "{\"name\": \"Login\", \"timestamp\": \"2020-04-30T23:05:38.687Z\"}"

One-time setup, fast and easy integration

Get up and running today. Integrating UserLeap into your web or native mobile application is often completed in less than a few hours. Once integrated, you can launch as many microsurveys as you’d like, all from an intuitive dashboard.

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UserLeap makes it easy to integrate your existing apps. Quickly import existing events and surface meaningful insights right in your team’s favorite tools.

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I didn't think it would be possible but UserLeap proved otherwise - our team was able to go from demo to collecting data in the same day. Now we have the ability to execute new, in-product microsurveys anytime.

Albert Ching

Former Head of Product

Initially, I was skeptical that UserLeap could provide the level of insights we needed. These concerns disappeared once we launched our first microsurvey.

Brenda Liu

Lead UX/UI Designer

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