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Unlike traditional surveys, UserLeap microsurveys can be targeted by specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

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Because our microsurveys are short and delivered within your product, you get faster, more relevant results every time.

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No more clunky-looking surveys. Our microsurveys are sleek, modern and can be easily customized to match your brand.

Compared to traditional (e.g., lengthy email) surveys, microsurveys ask fewer questions at a better time. This reduces survey burden, boosts response rates, and improves the quality of responses. And by baking microsurveys into your product they create an ongoing, undemanding, and fast source of qualitative user insights.

Allison Dickin

VP of User Research at UserLeap

Nova Credit used in-product microsurveys to increase conversion by 47%.

When Nova Credit couldn’t understand why website visitors wern’t converting, they turned to UserLeap’s microsurveys for answers.

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Numeric data in analytics platforms tells you where the problems lie, but not necessarily how to solve them. UserLeap has had a large impact, both in terms of the conversion rate, and on our efforts aimed at downstream behavior.

Kevin Thrams

Growth at Nova Credit

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