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Your marketing site is your biggest chance to express your product's value and give visitors confidence in choosing you over the competition. Use this collection to learn how to sign up more users and convert them into loyal customers.

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What is your primary goal while using [product]?
Goal #2Goal #1Something else

Identify Customer Goals

This microsurvey enables you to capture customer goals for using your product. Use it to create a simple segmentation of users or identify existing personas within your user base.

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What, if anything, is holding you back from trying [product]?

Identify Sign-Up Barriers

This microsurvey identifies barriers to onboarding and can surface a range of product and messaging issues. Use it to find opportunities to convert more users.

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What brought you to [product] today?
Sign up for an accountLearn aboutSomething else

Identify Visitor Goals

This microsurvey enables you to understand what visitors to your site are looking for. Use it to ensure your content and messaging are successfully driving visitors down the funnel.

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If you couldn't use [product], what would you do instead?

Identify Your True Competitors

This microsurvey surfaces other solutions prospects are considering in addition to your product. Use it to identify your biggest competitors, whether they are similar products or something totally unexpected.

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How well does this website help you understand whether [product] is right for you?
Not at all wellExtremely well12345

Improve Marketing Site Clarity

This survey gauges the ease of understanding your product to prospects and new users. Use this survey to understand where more information or clarification is needed on your marketing site to help users convert.

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What challenges did you have creating your account?

Improve the Sign Up Experience

This microsurvey measures the sign up experience and gauges new user expectations. Use it to identify opportunities to reduce sign up friction and eliminate barriers to onboarding.

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If [product] were a person, how interested would you be in getting to know him or her better?
Not at all interestedExtremely interested12345

Understand Perceptions of Your Brand

This microsurvey helps you understand how prospects view your brand. Use it to learn how well your website reflects your brand or as an input into a brand refresh.

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