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Your marketing site is your primary opportunity to show the value of your offering and give visitors confidence that you can address their needs better than the competition. This collection outlines 5 micro-survey templates you can run to gain insight into why visitors behave the way they do and what stops them from signing up. Use this collection to learn how to sign up more users and convert them into loyal customers.

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What is your primary goal while using [product]?
Goal #2Goal #1Something else

Identify Customer Goals

Understanding your users' intentions and goals for visiting your site can help you guide them to the right content, and set them up for success with your product. This 2-question survey enables you to capture customer goals so you can segment your users, provide tailored journeys, and identify existing personas within your user base.

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What, if anything, is holding you back from trying [product]?

Identify Signup Barriers

You finally have your ideal prospective customer on your site, and they're ready to create an account. Strike while the iron is hot and make sure you eliminate any barriers that might keep them from moving forward. This 2-question survey helps you find opportunities to overcome barriers through changes to messaging, or to the product itself.

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How well does this website help you understand whether [product] is right for you?
Not at all wellExtremely well12345

Improve Marketing Site Clarity

Your marketing site is your first impression — what you say, or don't say, can influence visitors' desire to sign up or purchase your product. But it isn't just the copy that's important, the images you choose and how you represent them can make just as big of an impact. This 2-question survey helps you gauge how easy it is for prospects or new users to understand your product and identifies opportunities to clarify your value.

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If you couldn't use [product], what would you do instead?

Identify Your True Competitors

Understanding prospective customers' consideration set can help you understand how to position your product against the competition. It can also prevent you from overreacting to a lost deal if the user wanted a feature or capability that isn't aligned with your vision. This 2-querstion helps you identify your competitors, so you can better understand which ones you need to pay attention to.

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Welcome to [product]! How easy was it to create your account?
Not at all easyExtremely easy12345

Improve the Sign Up Experience

Making it easy to sign up for your product is just as critical as any other stage of the customer journey. Minimizing friction in the sign up flow can have a significant impact on conversion. This 4-question survey measures the sign up experience and gauges new user expectations.

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