Reduce Customer Churn

Understand what is causing your customers to churn and develop a plan to address it

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Solving churn is many business's biggest growth opportunity. But if often goes untapped because it's difficult to understand the root causes. Use this collection to uncover key drivers of churn before it happens and retain more customers.

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What's the main reason why you canceled your [product] plan?
Difficult to useLacked features/functionalitySomething else

Reduce Subscriber Churn

This microsurvey uncovers the factors that lead users to churn. Use it to find ways to retain and engage more users.

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What would make you more likely to continue using [product]?

Understand Future Usage Intent

This microsurvey measure your users' intentions to continue using your product for the near future. Use it to gauge product traction and identify opportunities to reduce churn risk.

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How likely are you to renew your [product] subscription when it expires?
Not at all likelyExtremely likely12345

Understand Intent to Renew

This microsurvey gauges subscribers' intentions to renew their subscription. Use it to identify churn risk early and find opportunities to reduce churn.

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What's the main reason why you haven't been back to [product] recently?
Difficult to useFound a better alternativeJust haven't had time

Understand Low Engagement

This microsurvey uncovers the reasons why previously active users have become disengaged. Use it to increase engagement and retention of your active users.

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