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Product teams need actionable user insights to make informed decisions about what to focus on. But it can be challenging to generate insights at the pace of modern development. Use this collection to identify key opportunities and keep your product ahead of the pack.

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How easy to use is [insert product or feature]?
Not at all reliableExtremely reliable12345

Evaluate the User Experience

This microsurvey gauges 3 core aspects of the experience with a product or feature. Use it to measure user perceptions of usability, value, and reliability, and identify opportunities to improve the experience.

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How could we improve [feature]?

Gauge Feature Satisfaction

This microsurvey will help you understand satisfaction with specific features and identify opportunities to improve them. Use it when releasing new features or starting a project to optimize existing features.

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Were you able to accomplish what you came here to do today?
Still working on itYesNo

Gauge Task Accomplishment

This microsurvey helps you understand how well users are able to accomplish their visit goals. Use it to uncover problem areas and identify opportunities to improve usability.

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What challenges have you had using [product]?

Improve Ease of Use

This microsurvey measures your product's usability and identifies opportunities for improvement. Use it across your product to identify problem areas, or target a specific URL to identify friction points.

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How much do you like the look and feel of [product]?
Hate itLove it12345

Improve Product Look & Feel

This microsurvey gauges user perceptions of your product's look and feel. Use it to identify opportunities to improve user satisfaction with the design of your product.

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Sorry to hear that. What have you had difficulty finding?

Improve Site Navigation

This microsurvey reveals how well visitors are able to navigate your site. Use it to learn what users have difficulty with and identify opportunities to improve.

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How relevant are these search results?
Not at all relevantExtremely relevant12345

Improve the Search Experience

This microsurvey gauges the relevance of search results and identifies opportunities for improvement. Use it to measure and track the user experience with search.

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What bugs or issues have you experienced while using [product]?

Measure Reliability & Performance

This microsurvey enables you to measure product reliability and performance and identifies the highest priority bugs and issues users are encountering. Use it to ensure customers have a seamless experience with your product.

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