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Actionable user insights enable teams to make informed decisions about what to build and how to build it. But it can be challenging to generate insights from customers at the pace of modern development. This collection outlines 4 micro-surveys you can run to capture rapid insights at every stage of the feature development lifecycle. Use this collection to validate the impact of launches—and build more successful products that fuel growth.

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How well does [product] meet your needs?
Not at all wellExtremely well12345

Meet Customer Needs

During product discovery, it's important to cast a wide net to uncover critical user needs you may not be aware of. You can then draw on these insights, along with other sources of data, to determine the highest priority focus areas for the next development cycle. This 2-question survey template helps uncover gaps in the customer experience and learn how to close them.

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Which of these features would be most valuable to you?
Feature 2Feature 1Something else

Prioritize Feature Development

After gathering a range of user perspectives during the Discovery phase, you are ready to narrow and prioritize your roadmap. The next step is to determine which of the features that rose to the top to prioritize first and which to save for later. This 1-question survey allows you to prioritize a pre-defined set of product features.

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How easy to use is [product]?
Not at all easyExtremely easy12345

Improve the User Experience

Once you've released the first iteration of your feature, you'll want to collect as much user feedback as possible. You don't want to overwhelm your users with questions, yet you need a find a simple way to understand how they truly feel. This 4-question survey helps you measure user perceptions of usability, value, and reliability, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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How could we improve [feature]?

Gauge Feature Satisfaction

Once you've launched your new feature, it's important to continue to measure satisfaction. No feature is ever truly finished, and it's important to continually gather insights to uncover opportunities for future development cycles. This 2-question survey will help you when releasing new features or optimizing existing ones.

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