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Prioritize the right products or features that your customers will love

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To ensure the success of a new product or feature, you need to validate your direction with users, or potential users, at every stage of development. Use this collection to level up your development process and launch products and features customers can't live without.

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Quick question! What features should [product] build next?

Build Your Product Roadmap

This microsurvey identifies the features that your users would most like you to improve or build. Use it to prioritize your roadmap or uncover opportunities you weren't already aware of.

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How reliable is the performance of [insert product or feature]?

Evaluate the User Experience

This microsurvey gauges 3 core aspects of the experience with a product or feature. Use it to measure user perceptions of usability, value, and reliability, and identify opportunities to improve the experience.

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How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use [product]?
Very disappointedSomewhat disappointedNot disappointed

Find Product-Market Fit

This microsurvey measures your product's ability to uniquely meet customer needs and surfaces opportunities to increase traction. Use it to measure progress over time and identify the highest priority improvements.

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to [product area]?

Identify Customer/Problem Fit

This microsurvey helps validate ideas for new products and features. Use this survey to understand whether your idea solves a genuine problem that people would like to have solved.

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How well does [product] solve the challenges you've had with [product area]?
Not at all wellExtremely well12345

Measure Problem/Solution Fit

This microsurvey helps you understand whether the your new product or features solves the problem you intended it to. Refine your value proposition and assess how close you are to a market-ready product.

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Which of these features would be most valuable to you?
Feature 2Feature 1Something else

Prioritize Feature Development

This microsurvey allows you to prioritize among a pre-defined set of potential product features by learning what users care most and least about. Use it to refine or prioritize features on your roadmap.

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Got a minute to tell us what you think about a potential new feature?
No thanksSure

Test a Product Concept

This microsurvey allows you to gain early validation (or invalidation) of new product ideas. Use it to refine concepts and strategy before you dive into development, ensuring a more successful product.

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