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Make it easy for users to sign up and get started with your product

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A seamless onboarding experience can be the difference between success and failure. Product teams are swimming in data that tells them what happens during onboarding, but often lack insight into why. This collection outlines 4 micro-surveys that continually surface opportunities to optimize onboarding and provide a better user experience. Use this collection to increase onboarding conversion and building a strong foundation for continued engagement.

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Welcome to [product]! How easy was it to create your account?
Not at all easyExtremely easy12345

Improve the Sign Up Experience

Minimizing friction in the sign up flow can have a significant impact on conversion. Post-sign up is also an important time to assess user intent--are new sign ups just looking around or are they truly committed to using your product? This 4-question survey measures the sign up experience and gauges new user expectations.

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What was difficult about getting started with [product]?

Improve the Onboarding Experience

The onboarding stage is a critical moment in the customer journey. The onboarding process should be as easy as possible and quickly deliver value to keep users engaged. This 4-question survey template will help you identify opportunities to improve the onboarding experience.

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What's the main reason why you haven't been back to [product]?
Didn't seem useful to meDifficult to useSomething else

Reduce Onboarding Drop-off

When a user doesn't complete onboarding, it's important to know why. Maybe the onboarding process was too complicated, or the product benefits weren't messaged clearly enough. You can't make the right decisions about how to improve unless you understand what went wrong. This 2-question survey uncovers the factors that lead users to become inactive before completing onboarding.

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How could [product] better meet your needs?

Meet Customer Needs

A memorable onboarding experience can affect retention, either positively or negatively, so you need to continue monitoring whether your product is meeting the needs of users and customers. This can help you understand the impact of onboarding on the overall user experience, as well as uncovering opportunities to increase retention. This 2-question survey template helps uncover gaps in the customer experience and learn how to close them.

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