Optimize Product Pricing

Turn your product from a 'nice-to-have' to a 'need-to-have'

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Getting product pricing right is difficult, and something that needs to be frequently revisited. Use this collection to understand visitor perceptions of value and willingnes to pay, and identify opportunities to optimize pricing for your target audience.

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Gauge Price Sensitivity

This microsurvey tests price sensitivity by asking users to name prices they consider expensive and inexpensive for your product. Use it to gauge the general price range users would accept.

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[product] is a good value for the cost.

Measure Perceived Value for Cost

This microsurvey uncovers perceptions of value at your current pricing. Use it to optimize pricing and packaging and maximize perceived value.

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How satisfied are you with your [product] subscription?
Not at all satisfiedExtremely satisfied12345

Measure Subscriber Satisfaction

This microsurvey gauges the subscriber experience and identifies opportunities to improve. Use it to identify issues that could lead to churn and find optimizations to increase renewal rates.

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How likely would you be to buy [product] if it cost $20/month?
Definitely would notDefinitely would12345

Understand Willingness to Pay

This microsurvey tests price elasticity by gauging willingness to pay at progressively higher price points. Use it to learn the degree to which users may accept higher pricing.

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