Improve Purchase Conversion

Identify areas of improvement that can make it easier for your users to purchase your product

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When conversion rates are low, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right levers to pull to have the most impact. Use this collection to identify the areas in the purchase journey most in need of attention and uncover opportunities to improve the experience.

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How likely are you to renew your [product] subscription when it expires?
Kind of...Yes, totallyNo, not at all

Improve Product Description Clarity

This microsurvey measures how clear your product descriptions are to visitors. Use it to identify places where information is vague or confusing and make improvements.

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Sorry to hear that. What could we do to improve the checkout process?

Improve the Checkout Experience

This microsurvey gauges the ease of the checkout experience and identifies opportunities to improve. Use it to uncover reasons for checkout abandon and to improve conversion rates.

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How relevant are these search results?
Not at all relevantExtremely relevant12345

Improve the Search Experience

This microsurvey gauges the relevance of search results and identifies opportunities for improvement. Use it to measure and track the user experience with search.

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We noticed you left something in your cart. What's the main reason why you haven't bought the item(s) yet?
Still deciding whether to buyDecided not to buyPlanning to buy, but not ready yet

Reduce Cart Abandon

This microsurvey clarifies users' intentions to purchase items left in their cart after a recent visit. Use it to uncover barriers to purchase and identify opportunities to improve conversion rates.

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How likely are you to make a purchase from [product] again in the next 3 months?
Not at all likelyExtremely likely12345

Understand Future Purchase Intent

This microsurvey gauges customers' intentions to purchase from your site again in the future. Use it to gauge customer loyalty and identify opportunities to increase repeat purchase behavior.

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What, if anything, might hold you back from making a purchase today?

Understand Purchase Intentions

This microsurvey clarifies understand users' intentions when browsing on your site. Use it to uncover where users may be in their journeys and surface opportunities to guide them down the purchase funnel.

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