Improve the Onboarding Experience

Understand the user experience with onboarding and uncover friction points

How easy was it to get started with [product]?
Not at all easyExtremely easy12345
What was difficult about getting started with [product]?
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How to use the Improve the Onboarding Experience template

Who to target

Target users immediately after onboarding is completed--defined as experiencing your product's value for the first time (e.g., launching your first micro-survey with [product]).

When to use

Deploy this micro-survey when you are looking for opportunities to increase onboarding conversion. Or, run this survey continuously to gauge progress towards a better onboarding experience.

What you'll learn

This survey will help you understand perceptions about the onboarding process and surface opportunities to refine the experience for future users. If run continuously, you'll understand whether the experience is improving or getting worse over time.

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Improve the Onboarding Experience

The Improve the Onboarding Experience template is part of the Customer Journey collection.

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