Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Gauge customer satisfaction (CSAT)

How satisfied are you with your experience with [product]?
Not at all satisfiedExtremely satisfied12345
Sorry to hear that! How could we improve your experience?
Use Template

How to use the Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) template

Who to target

Target users who have enough experience with your product to provide informed answers (at least 30 days since signup).

When to use

Use this microsurvey to track the overall customer experience, or customize it to narrow in on a specific aspect of the experience

What you'll learn

This microsurvey helps you understand how satisfied your users are with your product, and uncovers what you can do to improve your product experience.


Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

The Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) template is part of the Customer Experience collection.

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