Measure Product/Solution Fit

Get an early read on your product's effectiveness at solving user problems

How well does [product] solve the challenges you've had with [product area]?
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How could [product] be improved to better meet your needs?
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How to use the Measure Product/Solution Fit template

Who to target

Target early users of your MVP after they've had sufficient interaction with your product (e.g., 5+ sessions). You can target both active users and those who have become inactive for added insight, but make sure to segment results accordingly.

When to use

Use this survey to understand whether the value you intended your product to provide lines up with how users experience it. Refine your value proposition and assess how close you are to a market-ready product.

What you'll learn

This survey will help you understand how your product experience aligns with your intentions, and whether you may need to make an early pivot to find a viable market.

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Measure Product/Solution Fit

The Measure Product/Solution Fit template is part of the Product/Market Fit collection.

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Product/Market Fit

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