Meet Customer Needs

Learn how effectively your product meets the needs of your users and identify gaps in the experience

How well does [product] meet your needs?
Not at all wellExtremely well12345
How could [product] better meet your needs?

How to use the Meet Customer Needs template

Who to target

Target users who have completed onboarding and have substantial experience with your product (e.g., 5+ sessions or 30+ days since sign up).

When to use

Deploy this microsurvey continuously to gain a real-time picture of the customer experience and use as a core Customer KPI alongside other business metrics.

What you'll learn

This microsurvey will help you understand how well your product meets the needs and expectations of your users and identify opportunities to close gaps between the experience and customer needs.

Survey fanatic and customer experience advocate.

Allison Dickin

Head of User Research