Understand Churn

Understand the reasons for subscription cancellation and surface opportunities to prevent future churn

What's the main reason why you canceled your [product] plan?
Lacked features/functionalityDifficult to useSomething else
What would have made [product] easier to use?
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How to use the Understand Churn template

Who to target

Send immediately after cancellation, either while still in the product experience, or by automated email delivery.

When to use

Deploy this micro-survey to understand the primary reasons driving users to cancel. Run once to gather point-in-time insights or continuously to track changes over time.

What you'll learn

This survey pinpoints the primary reasons users churn and surfaces new opportunities to minimize churn among your most at-risk users.

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Understand Churn

The Understand Churn template is part of the Customer Journey collection.

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