Understand Intent to Renew

Gauge subscribers' intentions to renew their subscription

How likely are you to renew your [product] subscription when it expires?
Not at all likelyExtremely likely12345
Is there anything that might hold you back from renewing?
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How to use the Understand Intent to Renew template

Who to target

Target users approximately 3/4 of the way through a subscription period (e.g., week 3 for monthly members and month 9 for annual).

When to use

Use this microsurvey to identify churn risk early and find opportunities to reduce churn

What you'll learn

This microsurvey helps you understand how likely your users will renew their subscription, and uncovers what might be holding them back from renewing.


Understand Intent to Renew

The Understand Intent to Renew template is part of the Reduce Customer Churn collection.

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