Understand Prospects' Perceptions of Your Brand

UserLeap's micro-surveys are written by our experienced User Research team. Deploy a snippet of code and set up any in-product survey, any time, in under an hour.

This survey helps you understand how prospective customers view your brand. Use this survey to learn whether your website expresses your brand in accordance with your goals or as an input into a brand refresh.
If UserLeap were a person, how interested would you be in getting to know him or her better?
Not at all interestedExtremely interested12345
And if UserLeap were a person, what adjectives would you use to describe your initial impressions of him or her?

About the Author

Survey fanatic and customer experience advocate. Former Research Director at Yale School of Management and Senior Research Manager at Etsy. Bucknell and University of Chicago alum.

Allison Dickin

Head of User Research