Understand Purchase Intentions

Clarify users' intentions when browsing on your site

How likely are you to make a purchase on [product] today?
Not at all likelyExtremely likely12345
What, if anything, might hold you back from making a purchase today?
Use Template

How to use the Understand Purchase Intentions template

Who to target

Target users who have spend a short amount of time browsing on your site (e.g., 3+ page views, 10 seconds on a page).

When to use

Use this microsurvey to uncover where users may be in their journeys and surface opportunities to guide them down the purchase funnel

What you'll learn

This microsurvey helps you understand how likely users are to purchase your product, and uncovers what would hold them back from making a purchase or why they decided to check out your product.


Understand Purchase Intentions

The Understand Purchase Intentions template is part of the Purchase Conversion collection.

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