Build your 
product roadmap

No need to choose between waiting for research or forging ahead without it. Learn which features your users want, test concepts, prioritize feature development, and more.

Validate & prioritize new ideas

Keep your team focused on high impact initiatives by understanding user needs and validating solutions before you write a line of code.

Learn as fast as you iterate on your product

Your understanding of customer needs should be able to keep up with the pace of your product iterations. Get new customer insights with each deploy and avoid relying on stale survey results and customer conversations.

Ensure each feature launch hits the mark

Measure feature satisfaction and have confidence your users love the product addition. Uncover opportunities to optimize the experience to maximize adoption of new features.

Easily recruit the right people for product testing

Rather than sending out a bunch of emails, run a continuous opt-in microsurvey to easily recruit active participants that match your qualifications for beta testing or user interviews directly within your product.

ProGuides increased revenue by identifying most valuable features for users

As a new company experiencing rapid growth, ProGuides turned to UserLeap to scale their user research process and apply insights directly to their product development cycle.

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Initially, I was skeptical that Userleap could provide the level of insights we needed. These concerns disappeared once we launched our first survey.

Brenda Liu

Lead UX/UI Designer at  ProGuides

Learn how UserLeap 
microsurveys can help you...

Understand your audience

Unlike traditional surveys, UserLeap microsurveys can be targeted by specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

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Improve your product

Collect insights to iprove your product’s usability, design, performance, reliability and more.

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Solve business problems

Get the insights you need to minimize churn, boost adoption, increase engagement, and more.

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