Growth Teams

Drive growth across the funnel

You've sparked users' interest, now show them what your product can do. Remove obstacles and show value quickly to successfully onboard more users, increase paid conversion and reduce churn.

Increase conversion at every step of your user journey

Surface insights to optimize any aspect of the customer experience from homepage conversion to churn and everything in-between.

Reach unengaged users

Those users who signed up and didn’t come back? User drop-off? Run email microsurveys to understand why users aren’t successfully onboarding, stopped returning, or canceled a subscription.

Measure user health and intent

Run continuous microsurveys to measure user and subscriber health that are leading indicators into your future revenue. Quantify subscriber satisfaction, future usage intent, and other health metrics.

UserLeap helped us make more money by being able to optimize our marketing spend, product sprints, and conversion funnels. We consider it an essential tool for the success of our business.

Christy Laurence

Plann Founder & CEO
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