Solve a business problem

Have a question that needs answering? Get the insights you need to minimize churn, boost adoption, increase engagement, and more.

Surface timely insights without spinning up a new study each time

In-depth interviews and user testing provide depth but lack scale. In-product microsurveys allow you to quickly collect insights from larger groups, allowing your team to make faster, more confident product decisions.

Increase conversion at every step of your user journey

Surface insights to optimize any aspect of the customer experience from homepage conversion to churn and everything in-between.

Reach unengaged users

Those users who signed up and didn’t come back? User drop-off? Run email microsurveys to understand why users aren’t successfully onboarding, stopped returning, or canceled a subscription.

Improve the order journey

From checkout to delivery and returns, send targeted microsurveys during specific moments to identify friction points and improve customer satisfaction.

PLANN used UserLeap to reduce onboarding drop-off by 24% and increase MRR by 8%

When visitors weren’t returning to Plann’s web product, the team turned to UserLeap to help them understand why, and to identify the actions they could take to increase onboarding while minimizing drop-off.

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UserLeap helped us make more money by being able to optimize our marketing spend, product sprints, and conversion funnels. We consider it an essential tool for the success of our business.

Christy Laurence

Co-Founder and CEO at PLANN

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Understand your audience

Unlike traditional surveys, UserLeap microsurveys can be targeted by specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

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Improve your product

Collect insights to iprove your product’s usability, design, performance, reliability and more.

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Solve business problems

Get the insights you need to minimize churn, boost adoption, increase engagement, and more.

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