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Launch More Successful Features

July 16th

How to Launch More Successful Features with In-Product Surveys

UserLeap’s Founder & CEO, Ryan Glasgow will share lessons learned helping companies of all shapes and sizes launch successful products.

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The Early Days of Uber

Past event

The Early Days of Uber

UserLeap’s VP of Engineering, Amos Barreto, will share stories and lessons learned as one of Uber’s earliest hires.

Scaling Etsy Beyond IPO

Past event

Scaling Etsy Beyond IPO

UserLeap’s Head of User Research, Allison Dickin, shares how she built the CX measurement program at Etsy that was foundational for the company’s journey to IPO and beyond.

Product Launch:

Net Promoter Score

Past event

Product Launch: Net Promoter Score

UserLeap’s CEO, Ryan Glasgow, announces the release of an entirely free NPS product for companies of any size.

Move beyond NPS

Past event

Move beyond Net Promoter Score

An award-winning fintech company uses in-product microsurveys to learn from anonymous visitors.