The research platform 
for modern product teams

Traditional user research is slow and analytics can’t tell you why users do what they do, or what to do about it. UserLeap is a micro-survey platform that rapidly uncovers insights you can take action on to grow even faster.

UserLeap powers growth for the world’s most innovative companies.

Stop guessing what customers think

Other product tools tell you what your users are doing. UserLeap tells you why they’re taking (or not taking) any action.

See both sides of the story

For the first time, combine behavioral data and qualitative data seamlessly to get a complete view into your user experience.

Insightful analysis without the headaches

Skip the word clouds and messy spreadsheets and jump right to the insights with UserLeap’s first-of-its-kind automated text analysis.

Send a survey your customers love

Everyone is tired of stale email surveys asking the same question. Send targeted, relevant surveys your customers will want to take and get a 20%+ response rate.

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Start with a playbook

Start with a playbook developed by our own experienced User Research team, or create a your own survey from scratch.

Improve Customer Health

Not getting enough signal from your NPS data? Use this playbook to pinpoint gaps in the experience across the journey and take action to improve it.

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Increase Onboarding Conversion

You need to understand why users don’t complete onboarding to increase conversion rates. Use this playbook to identify friction points improve the experience.

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Launch More Successful Features

Seeing low feature adoption rates? Use this playbook to make sure you’re building the features that users value most, and that every launch hits the mark.

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Find Product/Market Fit

A great product is nothing without customers that love it. Use this playbook to identify your target audience and measure progress towards product/market fit.

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Acquire More Customers

How can you optimize your marketing site if you don’t understand what visitors need? Use this playbook to uncover barriers and convert more users.

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Improve Retention & Reduce Churn

You need to identify churn risk before it happens to retain and engage customers. Use this playbook to identify opportunities to retain more customers.

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UserLeap helps us collect insights easier, faster, and more accurately than any other tool on the market, which allows us to build a better product for our users and ultimately grow our revenue.

Daniel Layfield

Head of Growth

Within 60 days of going live with UserLeap, we reduced onboarding drop-off by 24% and increased MRR by 8%.

Christy Laurence

Co-Founder & Head of Product