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Traditional user research is slow and analytics can't tell you why users do what they do. So the most innovative product teams rely on UserLeap, the first continuous research platform.

UserLeap powers growth for the world’s most innovative companies.

UserLeap provides microsurvey insights we can act on immediately. The platform enables us to get insights within days, while the research team is freed up to focus on longer-term studies.

Jewel Seperson

Head of User Research

UserLeap helps us collect insights easier, faster, and more accurately than any other tool on the market, which allows us to build a better product for our users and ultimately grow our revenue.

Daniel Layfield

Head of Growth

Within 60 days of going live with UserLeap, we reduced onboarding drop-off by 24% and increased MRR by 8%.

Christy Laurence

Co-Founder & Head of Product

I am still mesmerized by how many responses we got to open ended text questions. That is kind of the magic of the product to me.

Nikunj Kothari

Growth Product Lead

UserLeap has had a large impact, both in terms of the conversion rate, and on our brand and communications efforts aimed at downstream behavior.

Kevin Thrams

Consumer Marketing & Product

I didn't think it would be possible but UserLeap proved otherwise–our team was able to go from demo to collecting data in the same day.

Albert Ching

Former Head of Product

Userleap gives Chipper's Product and Growth teams a direct line into our users. Response rates and turnaround time from launch to insight are incredible.

Hasan Luongo

VP of Growth Marketing

Get instant answers to your most important questions

Ditch the long, stale surveys no one responds to. Launch a targeted microsurvey in the morning and have hundreds of actionable insights by the afternoon.

Understand the "why" behind your analytics data

Integrate qualitative insights with your behavioral data to get a complete view into your product experience.

Say goodbye to hours of analysis

Incorporate qualitative insights into every decision. UserLeap’s AI analyzes open-text responses in real-time, so you don’t have to spend hours in spreadsheets.

Avoid shipping the wrong thing

Figure out why users aren't converting or what's causing churn so you can ship the right features and exceed customer expectations.

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Start with a template

Start with a template collection developed by our own experienced User Research team, or create a your own microsurvey from scratch.

Customer Journey

To make informed decisions about your product, you need to have an up-to-date understanding of your customer experience. This collection outlines 5 microsurvey templates you can run to generate ongoing insight across the journey.

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Customer Acquisition

Your marketing site is your primary opportunity to show the value of your offering and give visitors confidence that you can address their needs better than the competition.

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Feature Development

Actionable user insights enable teams to make informed decisions about what to build and how to build it. But it can be challenging to generate insights from customers at the pace of modern development.

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Onboarding Success

A seamless onboarding experience can be the difference between success and failure. Product teams are swimming in data that tells them what happens during onboarding, but often lack insight into why.

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