Hit your onboarding onboarding signup product retention goals
real-time customer insights

UserLeap is a microsurvey platform that continuously identifies opportunities to build better experiences. Gain clarity into customer needs and grow faster.

UserLeap powers the world’s leading companies with
real-time customer insights

Product Teams

Launch Successful Products

Make customer-informed decisions at every step of the feature development lifecycle. From preparing your product roadmap to each deploy, learn as fast as you iterate and move forward with confidence.

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User Research Teams

Scale your research team's impact

Surface insights across the customer journey to keep pace with product development and provide real-time insights for your entire organization.

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Growth Teams

Drive growth across your funnel

You've sparked users' interest, now show them what your product can do. Remove obstacles and show value quickly to successfully onboard more users.

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Pinpoint targeting Pinpoint targeting

Marketing Teams

Acquire more users

Give visitors confidence and motivate them to sign up from your marketing site or homepage. Your customer experience is only just beginning, and it's critical to start your relationship on the right foot.

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A financial services company uses microsurveys to learn from anonymous visitors and increase homepage conversion by 47%.

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