UserLeap is changing the way
companies solve complex
business problems

We exist to help businesses identify and measure the unmet needs of their customers. Our mission is to make the immeasurable, measurable (through surveying customers!) - and to do it more quickly and easier than ever before.

Meet our leadership team

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Glasgow

Product guy. Early team member at Weebly (acquired by Square) and Vurb (acquired by Snapchat); UCSD alum. Deep experience scaling companies from early stage to successful exit.

VP of Engineering

Amos Barreto

Engineering leader, investor, and startup advisor. Duke alum. Former Director of Engineering at Uber; grew the marketplace team from 3 to 150+ engineers over a tenure of six years.

VP of User Research

Allison Dickin

Survey fanatic and customer experience advocate. Former Research Director at Yale School of Management and Senior Research Manager at Etsy. Bucknell and University of Chicago alum.

VP of Data Science

Kevin Mandich, PhD

Engineering PhD turned AI expert. Previously at Agari and Incubit. Has over six years of industry experience building state-of-the-art machine learning applications. UCSD alum.

Our values

We believe that the best products are the ones that are most easily understood. As team members, we expect values like honesty, integrity, and transparency to always be present. As architects and champions of the UserLeap product, we believe our values help guide our mission to make complex business problems easy to solve.

End with simplicity

From idea to implementation, our development process can sometimes involve a lot of complexity but when it comes time to share our product with our customers the end result has to be simple.

Never settle

It's no secret that growing a successful business can be challenging. The temptation to accept just the slightest bit less than the best can be strong - but we never settle, even if it means passing on an okay opportunity now in favor of a great opportunity later.

Quickly iterate

We don't settle, but we do act with the urgency. We have a data driven approach to decision making where risk taking is encouraged as long as we can prove or disprove it, learn from it, and quickly apply those learnings to the next iteration.

Be empathetic

User research and insights are the core of our business. We focus on having a deep understanding of our clients and each other - it's never about proving a point or being "right." (By the way - we're "right" a lot but we're also wrong sometimes, and that's definitely okay).

Join our team

We're looking for people who are passionate about helping other solve big problems (and small ones, too). We're building a diverse team where each individual brings a unique set of experiences, ideas, and opinions. We're learning new things every day (and loving it) - join us!